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Sold out distances

What do you do if your preferred distance is sold out? You can read more about it in this article.

Sold out distances

by Maja Lorentzen, communications manager

We offer various distances for the TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim. Some are more popular than others, and several have limited spots due to safety reasons. Therefore, it's quite natural that specific distances quickly sell out.

The 10,000 m distance is already sold out. Last year, the by-night distance sold out a month before the event, and the 1,000 m distance was just a few spots away from selling out in the week leading up to the event.

Unfortunately, we can't provide waiting lists for the sold-out distances. This is due to the substantial administrative work involved, which, unfortunately, we don't have the resources to undertake. Therefore, you must be proactive if you either want a spot in a sold-out distance or if you want to sell your spot.

For those looking to buy a spot in a sold-out distance

Our experience tells us that some of those registered for the 10,000 m distance may not train sufficiently for the event. Last year, we received several inquiries over the summer because some wanted to change their registration from 10,000 m to 2,000 m.

It's a good idea to be proactive on platforms like DBA.dk and social media – for example, by searching for tickets in the comment section or on Facebook Marketplace.

In the last month leading up to the event, we at SvømDanmark will contact all those registered for the 10,000 m distance to inquire if they're still up for swimming five rounds around the Christiansborg Castle and if they've trained enough. If any of them wish to sell their spots, we will encourage them to list their tickets for sale so that others can purchase them.

For those looking to sell their spot in a sold-out distance

If you've registered for the 10,000 m distance, for example, but feel you haven't trained sufficiently, we recommend listing your spot for sale – for instance, on Facebook Marketplace or DBA.dk.

You can still register for many of the distances

There are still available spots for many of the distances for TrygFonden Christiansborg Rundt. Get an overview and register here.

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