What distances are available?

The Danish Swimming Federation is thrilled to invite you to Copenhagen Swim - the greatest swimming festival of the year!

Here you can read more about the various distances that are available.


The Krüger Relay is the team option for the Copenhagen Swim.  This option gives you the opportunity to swim as part of a team in open water through the canals of Copenhagen right in the center of the city. 

Each team has 4 team members who each swim 500m along the same course used for other distance events.

The first swimmer will start by Den Sorte Diamant (The Black Diamond) and will swim towards National Bank, where the second swimmer will be waiting. The second swimmer will then swim to Gammel Strand, where the third swimmer will then begin. The last swimmer will start around half way through Frederiksholm Canal and will swim to the finish line, which is also by Den Sorte Diamant (The Black Diamond). Each section is approximately 500m long.

There will be a floating pontoon in the harbour to protect the swimmers from boats and any other vessels. The finish line is located on the floating pontoon.


Team members must carry and pass on to fellow team members a ‘baton’ (a rubber wristband) during the swim.  It is the responsibility of each team member to pass this on when they ‘tag’ each new swimmer.  Every team must ensure they bring this ‘baton’ (rubber wristband to the finish line).


The REMA 1000-meter distance is for the swimmer who is new to open water swimming, one who enjoys to sprint or the one who prefers a slightly shorter distance.

REMA 1000-meter starts at Gammel Strand.


Busses will transport swimmers to the start 30 minutes prior to the start.

Swimmers must be dressed in their wetsuits before boarding the bus.

The finish line is located on the floating pontoon adjacent to The Black Diamond, justlike all other distances.


Participants in the 2000-meter individual swimming with "rolling start" – swim along the same 2-kilometer course as the other 2,000-meter event. 

How is a "rolling start" different from the other 2,000-meter swim?

The main difference is that with a "rolling start", the swimmers start in 15-minute intervals – for example, you will start when you want within a designated 15-minute window like 16:15-16:30.

Another difference is that your start is not conducted by an official starter with a "beep" signal.

Instead, swimmers use their chip to "beep-in" and register the timing chip at the starting line, just before jumping into the water and starting the swim.

At the finish line, swimmers will "beep-out" to  register the timing chip again and record a finish time.

This means, you swim time will be based upon when your timing chip is checked-in and checked-out.

Volunteer officials will also check you in before you start and out when you reach the finish line – just as in the traditional 2000-meter event.


The 2,000 meter distance is the traditional swim around Christiansborg Castle.

The start and finish line is located at the floating pontoon adjacent to The Royal Danish Library, also known as The Black Diamond.

Approximately 65 participants start in each heat and there's about 5 minutes between each heat start.

A starter starts the heat with a "beep" signal.


"Speedos Only" is a heat. It is reserved for the "real vikings", who are prepared to swim the 2,000-meter course around Christiansborg Castle in a regular swimsuit.

To enter the heat and swim with other "Speedos Only" swimmers, be sure to choose the "Speedos Only" heat, which is on Saturday.

Please note: If the "Speedo Only" heat does not fit your schedule, you are welcome to swim in another heat in your regular swimsuit.


To enter this heat, you must swim in your regular swimsuit or swimming trunks. 


Swimmers from this heat are included in the overall results list for the 2,000-meter distance. Read about the medals and competitions here.


You can compete in the 2,000-meter distance as an elite swimmer in either the elite men's or women's heat, which take place on Saturday morning.

When you sign up as an elite swimmer, you are competing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in your heat.

You cannot win both as an elite swimmer in an elite heat and for your age group.

Read more about the medals and competitions here.


To participate, you must be able to complete the 2,000 meters within 30-minutes.


TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim By Night is a social swim, where you swim the 2000 meter course in groups of up to 100 participants.

Each swimmer uses a swim buoy and and LED light is placed inside the bag. It is truly a beautiful sight to see the “torchlight procession” as the colorfully illuminated buoys move through the canals at nightfall.


It is not a competition. There will be no winners. During the swim, each heat will pause along the way to make sure that everyone is following along.

There will also be a coffee break at Gammel Strand, which is half-way throught the course.

To enter the swim, you need to be able to swim a 2000-meter distance in maximum 70 minutes.

You must swim with a swim buoy. We will provide an LED light, which must be placed inside the swim buoy.


Please wear swim goggles with clear glass for increased visibility in the dark.

Remember to bring your own swim buoy. You can also purchase one in advance during registration or on site in the info tent. 

IMPORTANT: We do not have extra buoys to borrow.


The 10,000-meter distance is for the skilled open water swimmer, who loves the extreme and just can’t get enough of swimming around Christiansborg.

Start- and finishline is in front of the Black Diamond, and you need to do 5 laps of the 2000-meter course.

Re-fueling Station:

Energy snacks are included in your registration fee. Snacks include energy bars, energy drink mix, apples, etc.

If you need someone to help you re-fuel during your swim, please bring your own assistant. It is NOT mandatory to bring your own help as officials will be at the re-fueling station, but waiting time should be expected. 


For safety reasons, you need to swim with a swim buoy with a GPS tracker.

You must bring your own swim buoy. You can also pre-order a swim buoy when completing your registration, or purchase one onsite in the information tent. Buoys cannot be borrwed. 


As a general guide, you must be able to swim the 10,000-meter course within 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Make sure to keep to the right throughout the swim, since you will swim alongside participants at the 2000-meter distance.