TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim 2021

Will you join us around "Borgen"?

In what other European capital can you do swimming events in the habour? 

The Danish Swimming Federation has the big pleasure to invite you to the unique experience to swim around the Danish Parliament in clear canals of Copenhagen - right in the center of the city!  

WHEN: August 28 2021, 08.00-18.00

WHERE: The Black Diamond (the Royal Danish Library, Søren Kiergaards Plads 1, 1219 Copenhagen

DISTANCES: 2000 meter (individuel) og 4*500 meter (Krüger Relay)

Come join and get a great experience for life!

It all started back in 2006

Since 2006 Copenhagen Swim/Christiansborg Rundt has welcomed over 24,000 participants of all abilities who complete the event either as an individual or as part of a team.  We hope this year you will be one of them!

The canals are not normally open for the public to swim in making this a particularly unique experience.

In 2019 the event set a new record with 4400 participants and10,000 spectators and we hope to break the record again this year. 

Everyone can join!

TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim is a unique event - only this one day during a whole year, you have the possibility to swim in the canals around the Parliament.

And everyone who can swim can join the event! We have participants from the age of 7-82, we have war veterans, handicapped swimmers, beginners and elite swimmers making the 2000 meter swim around the Parliament - either alone or in teamsn of four people.

To participate at the TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim (Individual option) all participants must be at least 15 years of age.

Exceptions for swimmers who are younger than 15 years of age may be considered by the Event Manager but only by a declaration of consent filled out by a parent or a guardian. You find the declaration of consent when you enter the event or by contacting eventmanger Caroline Kleemann Falster at