Medals and Competitions

Medals to all finishers

On both Friday and Saturday, swimmers will receive a finisher medal at the finish upon completing their swim. Medals are issued according to the following principle:

1,000 and 2,000-meter distances:

Bronze medal: if you have participated 1-3 times

Silver medal: if you have participated 4-6 times

Gold medal: if you have participated 7 or more times

Krüger Relay:

Bronze medal for all participants

10,000 meter distance:

Special wooden medal for all swimmers, who complete the 10,000-meter marathon swim.


Be sure to visit our page on Sportstiming after the event to download an official diploma with your name, your time and your distance.  Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Winners of the various distances

4x500 meter Krüger Relay

We award the three fastest teams in the relay event.

REMA 1000-meter

We award the three fastest male and female swimmers - however, only from the Saturday heats, not Friday.

2,000 meter

We award a male and female winner in 14 different age groups.

There is no award specifically for the "Speedos Only" heat. When producing the final results list for this distance, the Speedos Only" heat's results are combined with the results from all other 2,000-meter heats.

2,000 meter with rolling start

No winners for this distance category.

10,000 meter

We award the three fastest men and women for this distance.

TrygFonden Christiansborg Rundt by Night (2,000 m)

No awards will be presented.

10-year anniversary swim cap

The 10th year you participate in TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim, you will also receive the special gold bathing cap. You can pick it up in the information tent before your heat, so you can swim with it on the day. Medals are awarded at the finish line for all swimmers on both Friday and Saturday after their completion of the swim.

Age-group winners

A male and female winner will be recognized in each of the 14 age-group categories for the 2,000 meter distance.

You cannot win in your age group, if you swim the 2,000-meter in one of the two elite heats, or if you swim 2,000-meter with rolling start.

NB: You cannot win for both the elite and your agegroup.

The age group divisions are as follows:

18 years and younger
19-24 years
25-29 years
30-34 years
35-39 years
40-44 years
45-49 years
50-54 years
55-59 years
60-64 years
65-69 years
70-74 years
75-79 år
80+ år

Winners of elite heats

A 1st, 2nd and 3rd place award will be presented to the fastest swimmers in TrygFonden Copenhagen Swims. The participants in CANNOT also win in their age categories.