Prizes and age-groups

Finisher medals

Everyone who completes the 2km Copenhagen Swim (Individual option) and/or the Krüger Relay will receive a finisher medal in the following categories:

Participation year 1-3: Bronze medal

Participation year 4-6: Silver medal

Participation year 7+: Gold medal

10.000 meter participants: Wooden medal

If you have participated for 10 years you will also receive a golden swim cap.

Firthermore a certificate can be printed out from this web-page under profile in Sportstiming.

The winner of TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim

First, second and third places for elite male and females will be recognised. Note, that if you compete as an elite swimmer, you cannot win your age-group.

If you want to participate as an elite swimmer, you have to register in the two elite heats. The main criteria for competing as an elite swimmer is that you are or have been swimming at a competitive level.

Age-group winners

When entering Swim Copenhagen all participants (excluding the elite swimmers) will be allocated into their corresponding age group.
The winner of each age group will be recognised. 

NB: You cannot win for both the elite and your agegroup.

Age Groups for Swim Copenhagen are as follows:

2005 and later: 18 years and younger
2004-1999: 19-24 years
1998-1994: 25-29 years
1993-1988: 30-34 years
1987-1984: 35-39 years
1983-1979: 40-44 years
1978-1974: 45-49 years
1973-1969: 50-54 years
1968-1964: 55-59 years
1965-1959: 60-64 years
1958-1954: 65-69 years
1953-1949: 70-74 years
1948-1944: 75-79 years
1943 og ældre: 80+ years

Other winners