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Yes, after the event you can find and print a diploma with your official time and placing. You find the diploma under the event results  Sportstiming.dk. where you should search for your name. 
To change what heat (wave) you are in:
  • Sign in to your profile at Sportstiming.dk
  • Go to 'Your Orders'

  • Go to 'Signed Up' 

  • Under 'Start group' you can change your heat

You can only change to a heat with available spots. Notice that 7-10 days prior to the event, it is no longer possible to change your heat (wave) at the website. Instead you can go to the registration tent on the day of the event to change the heat.

Yes, you can edit your T-shirt size in your profile at Sportstiming.dk.
  • Sign in to your profile at Sportstiming.dk
  • Go to 'My Orders'

  • Go to 'Signed up' 

  • Under 'Shop products and other options', where you can change your t-shirt size and other acquisitions.

    Note that by July 31 it is no longer possible to choose a t-shirt or to change the size of the t-shirt.
There are many opportunities to swim in the open water in Denmark. Follow this https://www.svoem.org/Discipliner/Aabent-vand/Aabent-vand-baner/ to find open water swimming communities and open water swimming courses in Denmark.
You can use wetsuit, swimsuit, swimcap and goggles. It is not allowed to use fins, snorkel or mask. The event is being held in accordance with international rules for open water competitions, with a few alterations related to the use of wetsuit, which are not allowed during international competitions. It is also OK to swim with a swim buoy.

If you are disabled, you are allowed to use other helping equipment. Just contact the eventmanagement.

Your wetsuit is an important part of your safety. Primarily because it protects you against the cold water and fatigue. It gives your insulation keeping you warmer in the water and also increases your buoyancy.

A wetsuit can keep you warm for more than an hour in 16 degrees water. If you get tired, you can lay on your back with your hands behind your head to relax, taking advantage of the increased buoyancy.

It is important to gain experience with swimming in a wetsuit prior to the event as it will change your balance in the water and it can feel a bit claustrophobic the first couple of times you use it.  You may wish to try wearing a wetsuit in an indoor swimming pool before using it in open water.

No. The event is for all abilities.  However we recommend that you train appropriately and use a wetsuit.   The event welcomes everyone - from the faster swimmers to the cozy breaststroker.
Normally between 18 and 20 degrees.
  • At www.copenhagenswim.com click 'Sign up' 
  • When choosing 'Sign up' you will be directed to Sportstiming.dk where you can sign up for the event.
  • Choose the distance you want to swim and follow the procdure in Sportstiming
  • If you don't have a profil on Sportstiming.dk, you can register as a new user.
  • At www.copenhagenswim.com click 'Sign up' 
  • When choosing 'Sign up' you will be directed to Sportstiming.dk where you can sign up for the event.
  • Choose the distance you want to swim, 
  • If you don't have a profil on Sportstiming.dk, you can register as a user.
Yes, you can add additional participants by clicking on '+ Add another participation' under your registration in Sportstiming.dk.
Between approximately 25 minutes for the fastest to more than an hour for the slower swimmers. 

Try an find a heat with times that suit your swimming ability. If you cannot swim as fast as the times given for your heat, don't worry - you will not be withdrawn from the race, unless the lifeguards assess that you are in danger.

Fill in your dicount code just before you go to payment.  The value of the coupon will then be subtracted from the total price.
You will receive an email (to the address you have listed in your profile).

You will appear as a participant in the event. You will receive your entry number one week prior to the event.

The regular swimmers will start in the first heats, while the fastest swimmers start in the last heats. Those swimmers competing for the podium placing, will start in the last two heats of the day.

There are stairs from the deck to the pontoon and from the waters edge to the pontoon at the finish line. For safety and spectator reasons, each swimmer will get a colored and numbered swimming cap. As a participant it is compulsory to wear this swimming cap.

The participants will be started in groups (heats) with approximately 60-70 swimmers in each heat and with around 5 minutes between each group.

You enter the “Speedo’s only” category when you answer “yes” to the question “I participate in the Speedos only category”, when you register for the event.

If you have already registered, you can do the following:

Go to your profile in Sportstiming – choose “order” and then “options” and click the “signed up” bottom. Then you choose “changes” and “edit question” and answer “yes”. to the question: “I participate in the Speedos only category”.

You can buy extras by logging in to your Sportstiming profile.

Go to 'Ordrers'

Choose 'Signed-up’

Click the grey button ’Changes’ and choose ’Change size/shop products’.

To participate at the TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim (Individual option) all participants must be at least 15 years of age.
Exceptions for swimmers who are younger than 15 years of age may be considered by the Event Manager but only by a declaration of consent filled out by a parent or a guardian. You find the declaration of consent HERE or when you enter the event.