New logo for TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim

We are so happy to share our new logo with you.

New logo for TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim

By Maja Lorentzen, communications manager at SvømDanmark

TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim is organized by SvømDenmark, which underwent a rebranding at the beginning of last year with a new name, logo, and visual identity. Therefore, it's a natural progression that one of our major events – TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim – will also adopt a new logo in line with our visual identity.

However, it's crucial for us to emphasize that there will be a smooth transition to the new logo.

"It's important for us that our logo switch is as sustainable as possible. For instance, we won't discard materials that are perfectly usable just because the old logo is on them. It's a waste of money, which we'd prefer to allocate to creating the best possible recreational open water event," says SvømDanmark's Director, Allan Nyhus.

Therefore, all new materials will be produced with our new logo, but we'll also continue to utilize materials featuring the old logo.

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