The Krüger Relay

The Danish Swimming Federation is delighted to invite you to Copenhagen Swim - the greatest swimming festival of the year!

Here you can read more about the different distances, you can do at the swim. You sign up to the event  by pressing the blue "Sign up" button to the right.

Friday August 26, 17.30-17.45 and Saturday August 27, 13.20-13.40

The Krüger Relay is the team option for the Copenhagen Swim.  This option gives you the opportunity to swim as part of a team in open water through the canals of Copenhagen right in the centre of the city. 

Each team has 4 team members who each swim 500m along the same course used for the Individual swim event.

Teams can be made up from work colleagues, family, friends or anyone else you can convince to join you!  The focus of this event is on participation.

This beautiful and truly iconic swim course is 2km long around Christiansborg (the Danish Parliament).  It is in open water and the city canals and passes many famous Danish buildings. Each swimmer in your team will swim 500m.

The first swimmer will start by Den Sorte Diamant (The Black Diamond) and will swim towards Nationalbanken, where the second swimmer will be waiting. The second swimmer will then swim to Gammel Strand where the third swimmer will then begin.  The last swimmer will start around half way through Frederiksholm Canal and will then swim to the finish line by Den Sorte Diamant (The Black Diamond).  Each section is approximately 500m long.

There will be a floating barge in the harbour to protect the swimmers from ships and any other vessels. The finish line will be at a floating pontoon.

Team members must carry and pass on to fellow team members a ‘baton’ (a rubber wristband) during the swim.  It is the responsibility of each team member to pass this on when they ‘tag’ each new swimmer.  Every team must ensure they bring this ‘baton’ (rubber wristband to the finish line).

Saturday, August 27 10.00-13.20 og 14.10-16.30

The 2000meter individual swimming is the traditional swim around Christiansborg. Start and finishline is in front of the Royal Danish Library also called the black Diamond. In the morning we have dedicated two heats for the eliteswimmers and the rest of the day we send of recreational swimmers in heats of maximum 65 participants.

As an eliteswimmer you compete for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall for both male and female swimmers, and the recreational swimmers compete for being the fastest swimmer in their age-group. As an eliteswimmer you cannot compete for winning your agegroup and as an agegroup swimmer you cannot win as an eliteswimmer.

Friday, August 26, 16.15-17.00

The 2000meter individual swimming – “start when you want” is the normal 2000meter swim course around Christiansborg. The only difference is that you start in intervals of 15 minutes – fx 16.15-16.30 - and not in heats/waves. Further, you do not start your swimming by a signal, but after you have registered your timing chip at the startline. At the finishline you register your timingchip again, and your time will be registered.

As a participant at the 2000meter individual swimming – “start when you want”, you compete against the other recreational swimmers in the 2000meter individual distance, but not against the eliteswimmers. The victory ceremony for age-groups will be held on Saturday August 27.

Friday, August 26, 20.30-20.50

TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim By Night is a social swim, where you swim the 2000 meter course in groups of 100 participants with LED light in your swimbouy. You can also look at it as a “swimming torchlight procession” through the canals of Copenhagen at nightfall. It is not a competition and there will be no winners and during the swim we will do small breaks and make sure, that everyone is following along.

We have 3 heats with 100 spots in each heat. First heat starts at 20.30, second heat at 20.40 and the last heat at 20.50. To enter the swim, you need to be able to swim a 2000meter distance in maximum 70 minutes.

Friday August 26, 18.30-19.05

The 1000meter distance is for the swimmer who is new to open water swimming, or the one who enjoys to sprint or the one who thinks the 2000 meter distance is too much. The 1000 meter starts at Gammel Strand, and busses will transport you to the start 30 minutes prior to the start, and you need to change to your wetsuit before taking the bus. The finishline is in fornt at the Black Diamond.

You compete for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall for both male and female swimmers.

Saturday August 27, 09.45

The 10.000meter distance is for the skilled open water swimmer, who loves the extreme and just can’t get enough of swimming around Christiansborg.

Start- and finishline is in front of the Black Diamond, and you need to do 5 laps of the 2000meter course.
Energy snacks will be handed to you during your swim, but you need to bring your own handler of the food. Officials will make sure to count the laps and for safety reasons, you need to swim with a swim bouy with a number, that will be handed to you in the registration tent. Make sure to keep to the right throughout the swim, since at the same time there are also swimmers from the 2000meter distance.

You compete for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall for both male and female swimmers.