TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim

Around Christiansborg

Copenhagen is well known for its canals which wind their way through the centre of the city including around the Danish Parliament – Christiansborg.

The TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim (Individual option) gives you the unique opportunity to swim 2km in open water through the canals of Copenhagen right in the centre of the city.  

The Course
The beautiful and truly iconic swim course is 2km long around Christiansborg (the Danish Parliament).  It is in open water and the city canals.  
The swim begins at Den Sorte Diamant (The Black Diamond) in the centre of the city and heads north along the waterfront under Knippelsbro then past Børsen, Højbro Plads and Gammel Strand. The course then goes through Frederiksholm Canal and finishes where it started at Den Sorte Diamant (The Black Diamond).

There will be a floating barge in the harbour to protect the swimmers from ships and any other vessels. The finish line will be at a floating pontoon.

Spotters and lifeguards are situated along the entire course.

See a map of the course here!