TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim (Individual Option)

WHEN:            Saturday 25 August 2018

WHERE:          Copenhagen, Denmark, Søren Kierkegaards Plads, 1219 Copenhagen

DISTANCE:     2 km (2000 metres)


Price structure

TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim

Inclusive participant t-shirt

15. November - 17. Dececember 425 kr. JA
18. December - 30. April 2018 450 kr. JA
1. May - 31. July 495 kr. JA
1. - 25. August 550 kr. NEJ

Copenhagen is well known for its canals which wind their way through the centre of the city including around the Danish Parliament – Christiansborg.

The TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim (Individual option) gives you the unique opportunity to swim 2km in open water through the canals of Copenhagen right in the centre of the city.  The canals are not normally open for the public to swim in making this a particularly unique experience.

The Course
The beautiful and truly iconic swim course is 2km long around Christiansborg (the Danish Parliament).  It is in open water and the city canals.  
The swim begins at Den Sorte Diamant (The Black Diamond) in the centre of the city and heads north along the waterfront under Knippelsbro then past Børsen, Højbro Plads and Gammel Strand. The course then goes through Frederiksholm Canal and finishes where it started at Den Sorte Diamant (The Black Diamond).

There will be a floating barge in the harbour to protect the swimmers from ships and any other vessels. The finish line will be at a floating pontoon.

Minimum Age & Age Groups
To participate at the TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim (Individual option) all participants must be at least 15 years of age.

Exceptions for swimmers who are younger than 15 years of age may be considered by the Event Manager but only by a declaration of consent filled out by a parent or a guardian. You find the declaration of consent when you enter the event.

When entering Swim Copenhagen all participants (excluding the elite swimmers) will be allocated into their corresponding age group. If you want to participate as an elite swimmer, please enter heat 69 (female) or heat 70 (male).When entering Swim Copenhagen all participants (excluding the elite swimmers) will be allocated into their corresponding age group.  The winner of each age group will be recognised. 

Age Groups for Swim Copenhagen are:


Year of birth

Age Group

1999 or later

18 years of age and younger





















1947+ 70 years of age and older

Elite Swimmers
If you want to participate as an elite swimmer, you have to register in the last two heats. The main criteria for competing as an elite swimmer is that you are or have been swimming at a competitive level. You need to be able to swim the 2km in freestyle and you would like to compete against other elite swimmers.
First, second and third places for elite male and females will be recognised. Note, taht if you compete as an elite swimmer, you cannot win for your age-group.

To register for Swim Copenhagen go to  The field is limited to approximately 4000 swimmers.  We therefore recommend early registration.

Picking up your Participant Pack
Prior to the swim you must pick up your Participant Pack.  This can be done either on the event morning or the day before (Friday) during the afternoon.
Participant packs should be picked up at the Registration Tent by 'Den Sorte Diamant'.  This will have in it your swim cap, timing chip and an information letter. 
Further information will be sent out one week prior to the event. 

Medals and Certificates
Everyone who completes the 2km Copenhagen Swim (Individual option) and/or the Krüger Relay will receive a bronze medal.
Participants completing the swim for the 4th, 5th 6th or 7th time will receive a silver medal.
All participants will receive a certificate for completing the swim.  The certificate can be printed out from this web-page under profile.

Changing Rooms
There are limited changing rooms close to the starting area. Therefore we recommend that you arrive in your swimming clothes (under warmer clothes).
Additional clothes/event gear can be stored in the starting area in plastic bags while swimming. 

Please ensure that your event bag is clearly labelled with your race number

Event Rules
It is adviserable that all participants wear a wetsuit to assist with buoyancy and warmth.
While every effort will be made to ensure a safe and fun event, we are however unable to guarantee swimmer safety and ultimately you are responsible for your own personal safety.
Swimmers are responsible for their own physical condition and fitness.  We recommend you train appropriately for this event and are comfortable swimming your chosen distance in the open water.

Choosing your Wave/Heat
When you register you must choose what heat you would like to begin with.  This is based on your estimated finishing time.  When selecting what heat you would like to start with we recommend that you choose a heat where you can swim faster than the maximum time suggested for that heat.
If you want to swim together with friends, family, colleagues or clubmates then please make sure you all register for the same heat.

TYR Danmark rents out wetsuits at open water events in collaboration with the Danish Swimming Federation.
You can book a wetsuit online when you register. You can check out the wetsuits in advance here.  We do however recommend that you try swimming in a wetsuit prior to event day.

Insurance is your own personal responsibility.

Participant T-Shirt
Everyone who registers before the 31st of July will receive a participant t-shirt.  T-shirts are available in both male and female sizing options (as listed below).
Please indicate at the time of registering your size preference. 

The Event organiser, The Danish Swimming Federation reserves the right to cancel the event in case of bad water quality and/or weather conditions on the day of the event.
In case of cancellation, The Danish Swimming Federation will not refund registration fees.
We encourage you to check out leading up to the event for event and water quality updates.  We will update the website on Friday at 22.00 on August 24th with the latest decision.

Please note that all information contained on this website may by subject to changes and we will do our best to update you.  However we also encourage you to regularly check our website for updates.