Great accommodation in Copenhagen


Whether it is art and culture, great restaurants or finding a cozy little oasis in the city, Copenhagen has a wide variety of experiences waiting for you.

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Planning a trip to Copenhagen?

The TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim and the Krüger Relay will be held in the heart of Copenhagen. 

You can find more information about the the Copenhagen and the sights to see on 'Visit Copenhagen' the official website of Copenhagen.


For general information regarding Denmark we also recommend the 'Visit Denmark' website.

What you need to know when arriving in Copenhagen by plane, train or car.

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Arriving in Copenhagen


Arriving in Copenhagen by plane
Copenhagen Airport is connected to 129 different cities throughout the world with direct connections to most larger cities in Europe.
The Airport is located approxiimately 5km from the city centre.  You can find more information regarding arriving at Copenhagen airport and how to get to the city on the Copenhagen Airport website.

Arriving in Copenhagen by train
There is a wide range of train connections from Sweden and Germany to Copenhagen Central Station. From here it is easy to get to the event venue.  You can find more information on the DSB website.

Arriving in Copenhagen by car
The European highway system can bring you to Copenhagen. Depending on where you are traveling from you can choose between the E45 to the Danish/German border or the E20 through Denmark to Copenhagen. 
You can also use E47 directly to Copenhagen via Rødby/Puttgarten or Gedser/Rostock ferries between Germany and Denmark.

Use google to help plan your journey to Copenhagen.

How to get around the city
How to get around the city
The public transport system in Copenhagen is among the best in the world. You can choose between bus, train and metro.

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Public Transport


There are 3 main types of public transport in Copenhagen (Bus, S-Train or Metro).  You can purchase one ticket that covers all 3 types of transportation.


You can ride around central Copenhagen easily by bus. There are several different routes that operate frequently throughout the city meaning you'll never have to wait for too long.

Copenhagen S-Trains connect the entire city and the east coast of Zealand. The trains typically leave at 10 minute intervals during the day and 20 minute intervals during the evening.

The Copenhagen metro connects a large part of Copenhagen including the Copenhagen Airport and the city centre.  The metro leaves with a few minutes between each train and is a good supplement to the S-Trains.



Or you can travel by bike....Copenhagen is also well known for its numerous cycle lanes and bicycle culture.  Making it easy and safe to also travel through the city by bike.  You can rent a bike for a day at 

Copenhagen has a wide range of accommodation suitable for all budgets.

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Plan your stay in Copenhagen
Copenhagen Swim has made a discount deal with the hotel chain Scandic, which offers a 10% discount on your stay at a Scandic hotel in the period 24th-26th August. You can choose between Scandic hotels in and around Copenhagen.




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Copenhagen offers a wide range of accommodation catering for every budget. You can begin your search for the right type of accommodation at 'Visit Copenhagen' - the official website of Copenhagen.