Event Day

To help ensure you have the best possible experience we highly recommend that you take a moment to read all the information on our website regarding the event day. 

This section will help you find more information regarding where to register and pick up your participant pack prior to the event, where to change, where to store luggage, event rules and safety guidelines.

Where to pick up your participant pack, changing facilities, where to store your luggage etc

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Prior to the swim you must pick up your Participant Pack.  This can be done either on the event morning or the day before (Friday) during the afternoon.

Participant packs should be picked up at the Registration Tent by 'Den Sorte Diamant'. 

This will contain: your swim cap, timing chip and an information letter.

Further information will be sent out one week prior to the event. 


Changing Rooms

There are limited changing rooms close to the starting area. Therefore we recommend that you arrive in your swimming clothes (under warmer clothes).


Storage of luggage

Additional clothes/event gear can be stored in the start area in plastic bags while swimming.

Please ensure that your event bag is clearly labelled with your race number.


Start and Finish of the swim course

All participants will start in heats of 60-70 swimmers. 
Before you begin your swim you must enter the start area via the entrance where your start number is registered.

The start begins from a floating pontoon in the water, where everyone needs to enter the water before the start signal is given. 

The 2km course finishes at the same pontoon. There are ladders which can be used to exit the water.

You need to cross the blue timekeeping mats to get your time registered.

From here you follow the flow of people back towards the venue. On this walk you will get your timing chip removed and receive your medal for the finishing of the event.

Event Rules & Safety
Event Rules & Safety
Event rules, insurance and safety regulations

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Event Rules & Safety


The event will be held in accordance with the Danish Swimming Federation rules for open water swimming.  

For safety reasons the organising committee recommend all participants to wear a wetsuit.    

Participation is at your own risk.

Participation is on your own risk and expense. Therefore it is recommended that you have your insurance in place before the event. This relates both to liability, theft and leisure insurances.


Lifeguards from TrygFonden Kystlivredning will be present during the entire event. In addition pioneers from the Copenhagen Pioneer Service and Samaritans from Copenhagen Fire Department will also be present. There will be monitoring from the shore along the entire route.

The organising committee reserves the right to terminate the participation for participants that, from a safety point of view, are not expected to finish the distance or are not able to complete the distance within the timeframe for the event.

All participants must wear the safety equipment provided, including swimming cap, and a potential seabag.


The Event organiser, The Danish Swimming Federation reserves the right to cancel the event in case of bad water quality and/or weather conditions on the day of the event that cause health or safety hazards.  The organizing committee will be in close contact with Copenhagen Municipality’s Technical and Environmental Department.  The event will not be conducted if the quality of the water is a potential hazard to the participants. 

The start time for the individual heats can be changed, and should be considered as indicative.

In case of cancellation The Danish Swimming Federation will not refund registration fees.

We encourage you to check out www.svoem.org leading up to the event for event and water quality updates.  We will update the website on Friday the 24th August at 22.00 with the latest decision.